In order to provide an exceptional comfort and security level to our customers, Avalon Financial has helped the State of Ohio Financial Department create industry standard regulations and requirements. As a result, Avalon Financial was the first in its industry to obtain the “Money Transmitter” license in the state of Ohio. For a list of active “Money Transmitter” companies licensed in Ohio please click on the following link:

Avalon Financial has devoted its resources towards developing industry unique processes designed to provide the most flexible options which allow every homeowner to participate in our programs. We have incorporated the most advanced technology to ensure fast, reliable and secure servicing of our customers' accounts.

We utilize the most powerful encryption and security measures available. This provides our customers with the comfort of knowing that their accounts are being managed properly and effectively. Avalon Financial is one of the few payment processing companies that does not outsource any of the operations. While other companies depend on someone else to service data and funds, which may result in delays, discrepancies or theft, Avalon Financial maintains full control over customers' financial and “real time” account information. As a result, our customers can rest assured that their funds and pertinent personal information are well protected. Avalon Financial does not provide services in Pennsylvania. Please feel free to view our Privacy Policy and Terms.

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Avalon Financial:

  • Processed $150 Million Dollars in Payments
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